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Why TripEnvision?

Simple Process

Put in all your travel needs, likes and dislikes in one sitting and then sit back and relax.

Leave all the rest to TripEnvision. No need to manually search for different dates, itineraries, and other logistics.

AI-Powered Algorithms

TripEnvision uses AI (artificial intelligence) and state-of-the-art query optimization to search through trillions of alternative itineraries and find the most convenient plan that meets all your needs and preferences at the lowest cost possible.

Optimal Results

Humans can’t consider trillions of possibilities: TripEnvision can. That’s why it cuts down trip planning time by 12x, reduces travel costs by 30%, minimizes time away from home, and maximizes convenience and compliance.

How TripEnvision Works?

Just put in where you need to be and for how long. Even if you don’t have a specific date, or you have flexibility in the order of visiting those locations, TripEnvision will still figure out the best order and dates of visiting all your destinations while meeting all your needs and preferences.

TripEnvision takes all your goals, likes and dislikes into account. You can even choose all modes of transport that you are open to, and TripEnvision will find you the best multi-modal plan according to your own budget and priorities.

You can review every detail of TripEnvision’s suggested plan and give feedback. You can just tell us “what” you dislike and “why”. TripEnvision will take your feedback into account and will find your next best option accordingly.

Once you’re fully satisfied with the suggested plan, you can book the whole trip with only a few clicks. Because of TripEnvision’s smart algorithms and artificial intelligence, most users find a plan they like in less than 5 minutes

TripEnvision In Action

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About TripEnvision

TripEnvision is a next-generation travel search engine, developed by a group of researchers at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. TripEnvision is based on a smart-technology, called Declarative Travel Planning, which means travelers can simply specify “what” they want (e.g., their goals, likes and dislikes) and not worry about “how” to achieve those goals. Unlike existing solutions, which force the travelers to specify the dates, modes of transport, and order of visit for every destinations, TripEnvision provides users an ultimate flexibility to only specify what they “know” or “care about”. For example, they list where they need to be, when or for how long, and let TripEnvision find an optimal itinerary that can meet all those constraints in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

TripEnvision uses its breakthrough algorithms and state-of-the-art AI (artificial intelligence) and query optimization to exhaustively search trillions of different possibilities and itineraries in a matter of seconds. In other words, TripEnvision doesn’t leave any stones unturned so you can rest assured you have the most convenient and cost-effective itinerary based on your own business goals and personal preferences.

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